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Loyal Lady Ruler
Sovereign Grand Inspector General
Dr. Deary Vaughn Sovereign Grand Commander
Council of Deliberation

Proverbs 10:21

The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom.

 What a difference between righteous men and fools! Which are you most like? Righteous men are full of wisdom, so they are able to help others by teaching and warning them about life’s pitfalls. But fools do not have even enough wisdom for themselves, so they fall into the snares and traps and end up dying unnecessarily. Which are you most like?

Wisdom is not only for self-preservation. Wisdom is also to help save others from the pain and trouble of foolish decisions. Righteous men are not selfish: they are eager to use their wisdom to serve others. Righteous men are not hateful: they rejoice only when men are walking in the truth (I Cor 13:6). It grieves them to see men fall into sin foolishly.

Do you feed many? Will your funeral be filled with affectionate memories of advice and instruction you gave to save men from life’s dangers and difficulties? Or will your funeral be moving a dysfunctional fool to the cemetery? Will men fondly recall your help and wisdom? Or will they remember your ignorance and the trouble you caused?

While the righteous feed many, fools die for lack of wisdom. Do you understand there is more than one way to die? You can die physically by foolishness, as by accidents, drunkenness, AIDS, suicide, murder, execution, lung cancer, and other terminal consequences. But you can also die to love, joy, peace, hope, and prosperity in your life.

Divorce is the death of a marriage. Being fired is the death of a job. Being in prison is the death of freedom. A rebel child brings the death of peace. Guilt and shame are the death of joy. Bitterness and revenge are the death of love. Debt and poverty are the death of success. These things happen due to lack of wisdom. There is more than one way to die!

Do you have wisdom to avoid these horrible and painful troubles? As Proverbs declares repeatedly, wisdom is easily available to any man who will humble himself and seek her. Where is she found? In the precious word of God, particularly these short inspired saying of Solomon. His purpose was to teach wisdom to young men (1:1-4). Are you learning it?

What keeps you from feeding many? If you lack wisdom, get some. If you are selfish, confess and forsake it. If you can allow others to suffer needlessly, learn godly charity.

It is the law of God to love others by correcting them when they need it (Lev 19:17). It is the duty of saints to warn the unruly (I Thess 5:14) and save brethren from error (Jas 5:19-20). Righteous men will be trees of life and save the souls of many (11:30; 27:9).